Monitor for SSL issuance for your domains with Certificate Transparency

CT Advisor is shutting down

ct_advisor will be shutting down monitoring after eight years of encouraging transparency and security to the users of the Internet. This blog describes the situation.

Certificate Transparency is a service that provides an audit trail of all issues SSL certificates. It compliments the use of strong SSL configuration and various security headers, it assists in identifying certificates that were not authorised for your domain. This was previously the application's landing page.


Every useless organisation and its dog currently claims to "take security very seriously". The only serious statements a person can make are:
  • The only information gathered is what you provide when signing up - email address and associated domain.
  • All source code is available for review
  • Frontend code is analysed with brakeman and bundler-audit regularly
If you believe you have identified a security concern, please report privately by direct email: technion at

Source code

Users are encouraged to review source code.
Front end code - Rails
Where all the action happens - Erlang

Using CT Advisor

Once you've registered a domain, there's nothing more to do. You will receive an email any time an SSL certificate for your domain, or any subdomains, are submitted to the CT log. This image shows ct_advisor in action:
SSL Issued email

What people are saying...

Harold buys an SSL certificate

"This is fantastic! Thanks so much guys!"

Harold gets an SSL certificate
Harold II

"CT Advisor is basically the best thing that has ever happened."

Harold makes up a story about an SSL certificate
Harold III

"Did you know that website testimonials are usually fake?"

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